Pairing people with wine

Gerald Lu

Tastemaker, Sommelier

The Singapore Wine Industry’s rapidly rising star is making his mark early, with more than three prestigious awards to his name at the tender age of 29. Winner of the Singapore Experience Awards in 2009 for Food & Beverage, which was organized by the Singapore Tourism Board, Gerald went on to become the winner of the Miguel Torres wine scholarship in the World Gourmet Summit Wine Scholarship in 2010. Carving out his career with the well-known IndoChine Group brand over six years to becoming the head sommelier of Praelum, this certified Court of Master Sommeliers will no doubt be one to keep an eye on in the future.

When did you first discover your love for wine?

I discovered my love for wine while bartending when I was 20. I was fascinated by people claiming they could taste all sorts of things in wine – plums, cherries, pencil shavings, chicken droppings!
I began speaking to the experienced sommeliers around me and what I learnt led to my first book – Wine for Dummies! I continued down this road with more books, took up a job as a part time waiter and eventually, the road to ruin as a sommelier.

What is your favorite wine/grape?

I’m not sure to be honest. Everything tastes good at some point or another. What’s most important is who you are enjoying that bottle of wine with. I believe that the right people at the right setting makes the wine right. One thing I can tell you is that the last wine I will drink will be a Pinot Noir!

Who is your Palate Icon ?

Sorry I don’t understand this question. Who is Palate? (Laugh)

What is your favorite wine anecdote?

The first goal of every grape is to be wine. Second, to be Burgundy.

Why should people be excited about wine?

Because after all the stresses in life, the only thing that creates the best memories wherever you are in the world, as the saying goes, is: “Wine, Women & Song”! Well, maybe not just women but people in general – just to steer clear of controversy. Hahaha – but definitely women for me!


  • Certifications: Court Of Master Sommelier, UK (Certified Sommelier), Society of Wine Educators, US (Certified Specialist of Wine), Wine Spirit Education Trust, UK (Advanced Level), Sake Sommelier Association (Certified Sake Sommelier)
  • Accreditations: National Sommelier Competition 2010 (Champion), World Gourmet Summit Bodegas Torres Scholarship 2009 (Winner), Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Experience Awards, Food & Beverage 2010 (Winner)
  • Affiliations: Sommelier Association of Singapore (Vice-President, Current), The Peak Magazine (Wine Panelist), Association Sommellerie Internationale (Member)

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